Experience the finest deli and catering services in town!

Fresh Groceries and Delicious Catering at Your Fingertips

Easy Meals & Everyday Essentials

Experience fresh groceries, delicious deli items, and everyday essentials at Met Foodmarket. Whether you’re planning a family meal or hosting a party, we are here to meet all your grocery needs. Visit today.


We’re More Than Just A Grocery Store

We source the best products, fruits and vegetables from local farms and global suppliers to ensure you get the freshest produce possible.

Met Foodmarkets

1795 Victory Blvd

1177 Hylan Blvd

Can You Cook the Winning Dish?

Submit Your Recipe for the Chance to Win! Join our fun competitions and showcase your skills!

Savor the Celebration

Catering services tailored to a variety of occasions
Our diverse menu options ensure that your guests will enjoy a memorable experience.

We offer festive menus that capture the spirit of the occasion.

Corporate Events
Corporate Events
We provide professional catering services that will impress your colleagues and clients.

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